Mature Information is the Key to Smart Transformation

Digital transformation projects have been on the rise in recent years. The technological advances such as Industry 4.0 capabilities have both enabled and influenced new ways of working. Kinsmen group speaks to how maturity assessments can help shape an organizations digital agenda and drive initiatives forward.

Best Practices in Mature Engineering Information Management

The overall goal of a maturity assessment is to improve engineering information quality which directly correlates to cost savings. Kinsmen group speaks to what a maturity assessment consists of and how they are a driving factor in beneficial organizational change.

May the Force Be with You

A staggering 80% of worldwide data is estimated to be unstructured by 2025. The truth is most organizations are not equipped to handle the volumes and technicalities of information. For those who operate within asset-intensive industries, this poses a huge problem. Making day-to-day organizational decisions can already be a difficult process especially without proper systems in place; coupled with external factors like the pandemic, these vulnerabilities are enhanced.

Electrifying the Grid Through Digital Innovation

With the call for efficiencies, data integrations and operating greener becoming more apparent, we must ask ourselves how can these technologies positively impact an organization and how do they transform to become more sustainable for the future? Kinsmen group speaks to the three main drivers that underpin the energy transition.